The Killing Woods

Publisher: Chicken House

When Emily's father stumbles from the woods one night carrying the dead body of Ashlee Parker, Emily's life changes forever. Now, her father - a confused ex-serviceman - is believed to have murdered a teenage girl, and Emily is the only one who is sure he is innocent. Fiercely determined to find out what really happened that night, she soon crosses paths with Damon, Ashlee's boyfriend. Will he help her to discover the truth - or does he have his own secrets to hide about what he and his friends get up to in the woods at night?

This unpredictable, chilling psychological thriller will keep readers guessing from beginning to end. The damp, dark woods are full of quiet menace, and the characters of Emily and Damon are cleverly drawn and always believable, striking a powerful contrast with some of the more conventional characters we often meet in the pages of teenage fiction. Simmering with slowly burning tension, this is a compelling, nail-biting and sometimes disturbing whodunnit that readers will find difficult to put down.

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