The Icarus Show

Publisher: David Fickling Books

Alex has a theory when it comes to avoiding the bullies at school: be invisible.

His 'Do Nothing' attitude helps him escape the fate of his classmate Bogsy, whose opposite approach gives him lots of unwanted attention.

Everything changes on the day the entire class receive a mysterious note and a single feather in their school bags. The note says: 'Coming soon. A boy is going to fly!' Surely this can't be possible - Mr Smith is teaching them about the Greek myth of Icarus and Daedalus, and they all know how that ends.

Confusion and excitement ensue - and Alex realises that he is going to have to take action to save his new friend.

This is an original, heartfelt and powerful story that sensitively looks at issues of loneliness, depression and bullying, but also the power of friendship.

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