The Hunt

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Imagine living in a world where smiling, coughing or shivering would get you killed. That is the reality for 17-year-old Gene, a human living amongst vampires. Every day he is forced to keep every natural emotion and physical reaction in check as he attempts to blend in and stay alive. Then, one fateful day, he is chosen to participate in The Hunt – a government sponsored game that sets a few of the last remaining humans free so that they can be chased and killed by the hunters. How will Gene be able to compete when the game threatens to expose his true nature?

This interesting twist on the vampire genre is a breath of fresh air for horror fans. It is exciting and well-written, with even the most minute of details carefully thought through. This captivating novel is a page-turner right to the end; however readers of a sensitive disposition should note that it contains graphic scenes of violence and death. 

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