The Grimm Legacy

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Elizabeth is lonely. Her best friend has moved away, her once-attentive father is occupied with his new wife and her step-sisters are too self-centred to care about her. Then, one day, a homework assignment on the Grimm brothers changes her life. Put forward by her teacher to work in the New York Circulating Materials Repository, Elizabeth is introduced to a whole world of magic. The repository even holds the powerful and mysterious ‘Grimm Collection’. But can Elizabeth and her new-found friends protect the collection from the dark forces out to get it?

Blending fairy-tale elements into a modern-day adventure,  this fantastically-written and superbly researched debut novel will enchant readers from the opening paragraph. With an engaging cast of characters inhabiting an incredible world of adventure, we can only hope this is the first of many tales from the New York Circulating Materials Repository.

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