The Goozillas! Escape from the Monstrous Maze

Publisher: Oxford University Press

When Max sneezes himself into his favourite app, World of Slime, he meets the Goozillas: friendly, gloopy creatures who inhabit the game. Unfortunately, Max’s sneeze shatters the goo-producing Golden Glob, and without it, the Goozillas’ volcano home will dry out. Max must use his knowledge of the game to help his new friends save their home.

In this second adventure in the series, Max and the Goozillas must navigate through the monstrous maze, avoiding the pixelated ghosts. However, their efforts are hampered by the Sicklies: fluffy little animals who have escaped from the World of Pets app. Armed with sickly sweet glitter and kisses, they are determined to destroy the Goozillas and claim the volcano for themselves.

This fast-paced, accessible series will appeal to fans of computer games, comics and all things slimy. With short chapters, vibrant illustrations and plenty of gooey humour, it is ideal for children who are ready to move on from early readers.

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