The Good Turn

Publisher: Puffin

Eleven-year-old Josephine Williams loves the internet. She is also desperate to explore the world outside of her cul-de-sac. So when she learns about the first Girl Scout Group for Black girls in America, Josephine is inspired to set up her own, enlisting the help of her closest friends Margot and Wesley. The Copseys is born!

As they set out to attempt to earn their Camping Badge, the three friends soon find themselves drawn to an abandoned factory. There, they are confronted with a mystery that needs to be solved. They find two tatty armchairs and a square, ancient TV. An old photograph of a young, happy couple. Who lives in such a place? And why? Josephine and her friends are determined to find out.

This is a story of friends embarking on an extraordinary adventure in their ordinary town. It is a mystery that celebrates activism and inquisitive minds, with a diverse cast of characters who put friendship first. Short chapters and snappy dialogue ensure a pacy read.

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