The Good Hawk

Publisher: Walker Books

Agatha is a young Hawk, a member of the Tuath clan, tasked with looking out for possible invasion. Jaime is an Angler, although he detests the sea and would far prefer to build boats than travel in them. When their clan is attacked and taken captive, the two teenagers find they have no choice but to leave their remote Scottish island, embarking on a perilous journey to try to save their people.

Narrated alternately by Agatha and Jaime, we see the action from the point of view of two very different heroes, both trying to do the right thing but not always succeeding. Agatha is passionate and proud. She has Down’s syndrome (although it isn’t given a name) and isn’t always treated fairly or kindly. Jaime is racked with uncertainty and self-doubt.

The book swiftly draws the reader into a gripping adventure, which rarely lets up until the end. It’s historical fantasy, rich with Gaelic-inspired language and terrifying mythical creatures with deadly intent. This is a page-turner of a book, packing a real punch with its high-level suspense. Be prepared for a few shocks and the occasional gruesome detail.

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