The Good Germ Hotel

Publisher: What on Earth Books

If you think all microorganisms are bad, think again! Some germs can certainly make you ill but this is a chance to meet a few of the good ones that help keep us healthy.

In fact, if you weigh 30kg, there are probably about 45 trillion good microbes living in, and on, your body and it’s likely you’ve never even noticed them.

But if you’d like to know more, one of the most famous of the good bacteria that live in your gut is offering a guided tour of the human body and its tiny inhabitants.

Using the analogy of the body as a guest house inhabited by useful microbes, this fascinating investigation of the microbiological world inside us is entertaining and informative in equal measure.

Illustrated in a comic book style with huge amounts of detail, it develops as a conversation between a human host and a colonic bacterium and examines digestion and gut health, immunity and antibiotics, as well as providing context for infections such as Covid-19.

The intricate and humorous visual style makes complex science accessible and exciting. This is without doubt a book that will be returned to again and again.

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