The Golden Unicorn: Secrets and Legends

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The Magical Unicorn Society

Publisher: Michael O’Mara Books

Selwyn E Phipps, 101st president of the Magical Unicorn Society, has gathered details about eight species of unicorn from ancient diaries, newspaper clippings and tales passed down the generations. Now, he presents them to readers in this delightful volume of unicorn lore.

For each type of unicorn (Golden, Water Moon, Shadow Night, Woodland Flower, Ice Wanderer, Storm Chaser, Mountain Jewel, Desert Flame and the newly discovered Dawn Spirit unicorn), there’s a profile and a story about them. Not just that, but there’s a quiz at the end to find out which unicorn yours would be…

The first book in The Magical Unicorn Society series was immensely popular, and this attractive follow-up volume is perfect for any unicorn-hungry child desperate to delve deeper into the myths and stories associated with these most elusive creatures.

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