The Girl Who Lost Her Shadow

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Publisher: Kelpies

One morning at breakfast, Gail watches her shadow slip out under the door. Upstairs, her sister Kay has become listless and depressed since their dad left, always staying in her room. Kay used to be Gail’s dependable, constant companion, but now she doesn’t seem to care about anything or anyone anymore.

During an argument, Gail is horrified to see Kay’s shadow slip away too, and feels it’s all her fault. Determined to get her sister’s shadow back whatever it takes, she finds herself led on a dangerous journey into nearby caves, filled with dark tunnels where people have been known to disappear for days.

More than simply an exciting adventure story, The Girl Who Lost her Shadow is a story about grief and coming to terms with loss as well as dealing with difficult changes, and we can’t help rooting for Gail on her heart-stopping race to get the shadows back. Filled with fantastic characters and lyrical descriptions of the sea life that Gail and Kay both love, it’s a story about wildlife preservation, friendship and the strength of sisterhood. 

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