The Gift of Dark Hollow

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Book 2 of the Five Realms series

Publisher: Faber

This is the masterly sequel to the The Legend of Podkin One Ear, which won the Blue Peter Best Story Award 2017. It’s a proper sequel, so readers need to read Podkin One Ear first. We are taken right back to the action, with Podkin, his sister Paz and the poor rabbits they rescued sheltering in the Dark Hallow warren after the dreadful battle with the Gorm and their terrifying leader Scramashank.

Podkin has his magic dagger StarClaw but at first he is frustrated: what is his role now? Can he face his fears, be brave and actually do something that makes a difference? The adventure soon gets into its full and heart-stoppingly exciting swing.

Then there’s the Bard, who is telling us the story many years after the action, with his new would-be apprentice Rue. There’s another mystery here, and no doubt we’ll find out more about that in book three, promised in September 2018.

Like a glorious mixture of Watership Down and The Hobbit, this brilliant series will keep lovers of fantasy on the edge of their seats, rooting for Podkin and the good rabbits. A modern-day classic that is not to be missed, with stunningly detailed fantasy illustrations by David Wyatt.

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