The Ghost in Annie’s Room

Publisher: Little Gems


When the Brown family visit Great Aunt Win in her quaint seaside cottage, Emma sleeps in the little attic bedroom that used to belong to Win’s daughter, Annie. Emma tries to ignore her brother’s claims that the attic is haunted. All the same, she ensures the door is left ajar before settling down to sleep. Each night, she hears strange noises, sees spooky shadows and can’t shake off the feeling that she is being watched, but tells herself that ghosts are not real… are they?

This book is one of a series specifically designed for dyslexic and reluctant readers. The typeface is clear and well-spaced, so words are less likely to ‘jump around’. Cream pages help to reduce glare and the thick paper ensures that text and pictures don’t show through and confuse the eye.

The story is aimed at the age of the child rather than their reading age, which helps to engage interest and build confidence. Short chapters, delightful colour illustrations and activities in the jacket flaps enhance this captivating ghostly tale.

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