The Front Room

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Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Hannah and her brother Benjy are on holiday; the family recovering from the loss of a baby. Mum's still fragile, the atmosphere tense. And instead of relaxing, Hannah is terrified: convinced there's something dreadful in her room.  There are shadows in the corners; breathing; footsteps; icy fingers on her neck…

Mum and dad dismiss her terrors, until she wakes suddenly to see a man looming over her, his hands grasping her throat.  Hannah snatches up Benjy and flees, frantic with fear. As the house's history becomes known, Hannah is vindicated and the family becomes more relaxed. 

Terrified, but determined to speak her fears, Hannah's character is strong. Family tensions are sensitively handled and the suspense builds chillingly in this pared-down, atmospheric ghost story. Less is definitely more.

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