The Familiars: Animal Wizardry

Part one of a trilogy

Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books


Aldwyn is an orphaned alley cat scavenging for his food in the backstreets of Bridgetower.

Fleeing with a stolen fish from a notorious bounty hunter, he runs into a shop that sells gifted familiars to wizards.

Aldwyn is bought by Jack, a likeable young wizard, and they quickly form a bond. Aldwyn has a home and family at last.

But Jack, his sister and a third young wizard are kidnapped by an evil power and Aldwyn and his fellow familiars must rescue them. His companions are relying on Aldwyn's telekinetic gifts. How can he now reveal that he is just an ordinary old alley cat?

The first of a trilogy, this story has magic, humour and heart.

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