The Fairytale Hairdresser and Cinderella

Publisher: Picture Corgi

If you need a haircut in Fairytale Land, Kittie’s Cuts is the place to go! And of course everyone needs a haircut when the Queen issues invitations to the ball where she hopes the Prince will find his perfect girl.

The salon is flooded with customers, but Cinderella lends a hand to help Kittie, fabulous hairdresser to the fairy-tale stars. When they are summoned to the Palace to style the Queen's hair, they bump into the Prince, and his eyes meet Cinderella's... Unfortunately Cinderella doesn't have a dress or an invitation to the ball, but Kittie comes to the rescue. The only problem is, with so many other fairy-tale characters at the ball too, how will Cinderella and the Prince find each other?

Young readers will have great fun spotting all the familiar fairy-tale characters and examining the gorgeous gowns and glamorous hair-styles in the pastel-coloured spreads of this picture book. A fun and light-hearted reworking of a favourite fairy-tale.

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