The Dinos on the Bus

Publisher: Ladybird

Most of us are familiar with the classic nursery rhyme The Wheels on the Bus. But what happens when it gets a pre-historic makeover? In this brilliantly reimagined nursery rhyme, a class of cheeky dinosaurs and their teacher roar, stomp and cause mischief all through the town.

Each double page spread features a new verse of the song, along with wonderfully bright and bold illustrations of dinosaurs. Full of energy and hilarious facial expressions, dino-lovers will enjoy spotting their favourite pre-historic creatures throughout the book. 

There’s the fearsome T-Rex whose jaws open and shut all through the town, a young triceratops whose horn is perfect for making the bell go ding, ding, ding and a handbag-donning stegosaurus granny who wants everyone to shush.

For adults who are perhaps new to or apprehensive about reading to little ones, a recognisable nursery rhyme book like this can be a great way to start.

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