The Cradle of All Worlds

Publisher: Egmont

It's a tough life being The Cursed One. It's all Jane Doe has ever known since she appeared as a baby on the steps of the mysterious Manor with her father, who has been sick ever since.

The residents of Bluehaven treat Jane and her father with contempt and fear, but she has a lot of questions... like who is she? What's really going on in the Manor? And are all those earthquakes on Bluehaven really her fault?

Well, she's about to find out when, on one fateful night, Jane's father enters the Manor - and she follows him inside.

The Cradle of All Worlds is a classic adventure story set in a captivating labyrinth stuffed with monsters, double-crossing and heaps of peril. Jane's a vibrant, winning heroine, full of wit and sarcasm, and Jeremy Lachlan's cinematic writing is a joy, keeping the Indiana Jones-esque action skipping along.

The chases and near misses will have readers gripped, but there's something deeper going on, too, as Jane gradually unravels the truth of her identity and her place in the world.

With another book to come, we're already dying to know what will happen to Jane Doe next.

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