The Covers Of My Book Are Too Far Apart! (And Other Grumbles)

Publisher: Barrington Stoke (Picture Squirrels)

Sometimes children and adults make excuses not to read. Grown-ups might say they don't have time, or children might not read because something looks like it's for girls or boys only. We all might sometimes feel that reading can be hard, books are boring, or we can't find one we like. We might also feel that we can't find any books with people like us in them, and that makes us feel like books aren't for us.

This diversely illustrated picture book gives helpful suggestions for more or less any reading issue. You might listen to books; read on a tablet if you're concerned about people judging what you're reading; read comics; read a book about your favourite TV show or film. You could read in the bath or while cooking, and, if you're really not enjoying a book, it's OK to stop reading it and try something else. An accessible picture book that will especially interest schools.

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