The Clubhouse Mystery: Cass and the Bubble Street Gang

Book 1

Publisher: The O’Brien Press


Best friends Cass, Lex and Nicholas are the Bubble Street Gang: their mission is to have adventures and solve mysteries.

Cass suggests that a secret gang needs a secret clubhouse, so the trio set to work. With some inventive persuasion they obtain the building materials and furnish it with an old patio table and chairs. Thrilled with their handiwork, they stock up on snacks in case there are any catastrophes, such as a zombie apocalypse. 

When some snacks go missing, the gang become suspicious that someone else is using their clubhouse. They endeavour to piece together the clues to discover the intruder's identity.

Humour, adventure, mystery and plenty of innocent childhood antics pepper this chapter book for young readers. With comical black-and-white illustrations throughout, this is a promising first title in the Cass and the Bubble Street Gang series. 

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