The City of Secret Rivers

Publisher: Walker Books

Hyacinth Hayward is not happy about leaving her home in America to move to London. Things don't get any better when she arrives, either - especially when her bathroom tap starts playing up, monsters called Saltpetre Men turn up at her front door and her Mum gets kidnapped...

The endlessly inventive adventure that follows, as Hyacinth travels the length and breadth of London's sewers in an attempt to save her mother, is a complete joy from start to end - delightfully weird and gloriously silly with a cast of bizarre characters, including giant pig Oaroboarus and a gang of underground scavengers called Toshers.

Hyacinth's heart-stopping, pacey adventures are deliciously moreish, and Sager Weinstein's brilliantly sideways take on the world - from the Sherlock Holmes tiles in Baker Street station to the real reason the UK doesn't have mixer taps - will have readers seeing London in a completely new light.

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