The Boy Who Went Magic

Publisher: Chicken House Ltd

Everyone in Penvellyn has grown up on the stories of Ferenor, an abandoned land of mages and magic that now lies in myth and ruin. But when a school trip to the new city museum goes wrong, Bert begins wondering whether the stories are true after all. He's got a strange mark on his hand and a strange power building inside him, and the cold Prince Voss will stop at nothing to take it for himself. So now Bert is on the run with his new friend Finch and a flying airship full of pirate adventurers.

Touches of steampunk and fantasy mix together in this magic-filled adventure: dungeons and ice-locked ships, high-speed train chases and airship battles, warrior skeletons and an invisible city in the sky. Can Bert and Finch figure out the mystery of Bert's lost family, what happened to Ferenor, and what Prince Voss is really up to?

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