The Boy Who Sailed the World

Publisher: David Fickling Books

A little boy who loves the sea builds a boat and goes on an adventure. When evening falls, he loses his way, but doesn’t give up: the compass will show him where to go. When a storm hits the boat, the little boy holds on and mends his sail.

At night, he studies the patterns of the stars like the sailors in the old stories he used to love listening to. On and on he sails until, one day, he finds an island where he sleeps on the beach, under millions of stars, and cooks his food on a driftwood fire. Finally, home starts to call him back, and he returns to his mother – until the next adventure.

Inspired by the author’s own son who sailed to the French Polynesian Islands on a boat that he and a friend repaired, The Boy Who Sailed the World is a gentle and inspirational tale about all the adventurous possibilities the world holds for children. Alex Latimer’s rich and dreamy illustrations bring the sense of wonder in the natural world alive, perfectly encapsulating the beauty of the oceans and the stars.

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