The Blanket Bears

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Publisher: Owlet Press

Alone in the snow, two little bears are cold, scared and missing much of their fur.

Thankfully, help arrives in the reassuring form of Tilly, who comes to find them. She knows exactly what to do, taking them to a temporary home that will provide the time, safety and comfort they need. Sure enough, the pair gradually start to feel better and grow in confidence in their care. Their kindly foster carers even make them "blanket coats" to help them feel warm and safe.

When the cubs are ready, the social worker and foster carers help them embark on the next stages of the journey, and they successfully find their "forever home".

The artwork in this picture book is sweet and timeless and the language is age-appropriate. Simple metaphors are effectively used – the end of the book showing that the bears no longer need their jackets, their fur having grown back. The adoption process is shown in an honest and reassuring way, while also acknowledging the uncertainties and fears that can be involved.

A gentle and heartfelt story, by an author whose own experience is self-evident.

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