The Beetle Collector’s Handbook

Publisher: Scholastic

From ‘What is a beetle?’ to what to pack in your explorer’s backpack, The Beetle Collector’s Handbook is full of captivating facts to ensure that you are equipped to identify any beetles you may come across on your adventures.

This book teaches you about more beetles than you ever thought existed: from the familiar ladybird to the elephant beetle to the more unusual Colorado potato beetle. There’s even a section at the back for those who don’t quite possess a love for insects…!

A must-have companion for dedicated fans of M G Leonard’s Beetle Boy series, this is the ultimate guide for those who want to find out more about beetles. An informative guide to more than 50 beetles alongside illustrations and funny notes in the margins, Leonard ensures this is a book for everyone: encouraging you get outside and explore nature for yourself. It’s beetle-tastic!

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