The Bad Bunnies' Magic Show

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Two naughty bunnies have kidnapped the Great Hypno and instead they are showcasing their own series of magic tricks. For their finale, they want to collect the jewellery of everyone in the audience. Luckily, there is some magic going on backstage that will get the real magician out in time to save the day. Those bad bunnies will get their comeuppance when they are the forced to become the stars of the final trick – the cannon of doom!

With her trademark stunning illustration and exciting page design, a new book from Mini Grey is always an event worth rolling up for. The simple text still carries of laughs (‘hey pristo – near misto!’) and the detailed artwork is rich with colour and character. Watch the side bars for the activity behind the stage, too...

This is a wonderful, inventive and playful picture book that will delight young children and their parents alike.

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