The Baby

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Publisher: Chicken House

Olivia is in the midst of one of the greatest parties ever - her own 17th birthday party - when she walks in on her best friend Nicola giving birth on her bathroom floor. The unplanned pregnancy, which not even Nicola was aware of, changes the lives of the small group of friends in ways none of them could imagine. Secrets are exposed, futures are destroyed and rebuilt, and friendships are tested to their limits.

This fantastic book is told from the five different protagonists' point of view, and each chapter allows you a deeper understanding of the characters and the reasons behind their actions. Olivia is beautiful, smart and the subject of much envy, yet she is being physically and mentally abused by her boyfriend, while her sister Alice has no friends and never seems to be able to do anything right. Nicola is unsure of everything about herself, except that she wants to work in fashion - a future that is snatched away as soon as the baby is born. Jonty, Olivia's boyfriend, has so many secrets they are twisting his personality and Ben, who is proudly gay, finds his past actions catching up with him. A great read and highly recommended.

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