The Amazing Tale of Ali Pasha

Publisher: Templar

On 6th May 1915, Henry Friston, a 21-year-old seaman, rejoined his battleship after ten days in Hell. Hell was just 180 metres long and seven metres wide and was otherwise known only as 'X Beach', Gallipoli. Henry, ferrying the wounded from the battlefield, had not eaten or slept for three days. Then, somehow, in the midst of the bombardments, he met an unlikely companion - a tortoise. Retold through journal entries and through Henry's accounts to a young reporter, Ali's story has stunning colour illustrations throughout.

The Amazing Tale of Ali Pasha is a wonderful introduction to World War 1 through the story of young seaman Harry Friston and the tortoise he finds in Gallipoli. Based on a true story, this book is beautifully illustrated and gives the horrors of war a human, and animal, heart. Ideal for younger readers.

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