The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend

Publisher: Andersen Press

On a faraway island, imaginary friends are created. They eagerly wait for children to call them into being. For one, this never happens. Unable to wait, he does the unimaginable: undertaking a terrifying journey to the real world - a strange place where children never eat cake and no-one has time for music - to find his child. 

After a frightening, bewildering day, he's still alone. Then a voice says 'hello'. It's Alice. Something about her feels totally right. She names him Beekle and shares her snacks, crayons and jokes with him. Together, they do unimaginably marvellous things.

Seeing the world from the imaginary friend's viewpoint, rather than the child's, sheds fresh light on this familiar yet magical friendship. The stylish, striking, images emphasise its vibrancy against everyday drabness. 

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