Tales from Africa

Publisher: Puffin Classics

Jackal and Lion have been friends since childhood but greedy, selfish Lion always takes advantage, using Jackal’s back as a springboard to catch his prey and then giving him only the entrails. Jackal’s hungry family banish him as he won’t stand up to his friend. How can Jackal get his revenge, and some meat?

Abeba’s happy nature vanishes overnight when her mother dies. Her father marries again, but Abeba resents her new step-family and asks to stay with her grandmother. The old woman asks her to find a cheetah’s whisker for a potion to help Abeba fit in. This task takes patience and understanding: the exact qualities that Abeba needs to accept her new family.

Ghanaian author K P Kojo has compiled and written nine tales from different African countries. Each atmospheric story features either a human failing, such as jealousy and greed, or a quality such as forgiveness and humility. These rich, humorous folktales, set in both the animal and human kingdoms, will resonate in any culture.

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