Take the Lead: How to Care for Your Dog

Publisher: O'Brien

This is an excellent handbook for those who are looking for a four-legged addition to grow their family, detailing everything from choosing a breed to grooming to health and well-being.

The chapter on commands has a step-by-step guide on how to teach your dog to ‘sit’ and ‘fetch’, plus instructions for lots of games to keep dogs’ senses sharp (such as hiding food under cups).

This book is more than a manual though. It’s peppered with interesting asides (did you know humans have 9,000 taste buds, whilst dogs have only 2,000?) and explores topics as diverse as the different sorts of working dogs, and how the Greeks believed dogs had healing magic.

This modern, colourful guide is a delight to read will help children become responsible owners to happier, healthier dogs. The vivid illustrations are simply adorable and show the joy and excitement pets bring to homes.

Take the Lead has a wealth of knowledge and the imagery, gentle tone and playful layout of information (such as boxes and lists) mean it is accessible and suitable for children of all ages. 

Parents can also be reassured that readers’ safety is recognised throughout and the importance of seeking advice from vets where necessary.

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