The Queen of Jhansi in the Indian Uprising of 1857

Publisher: Pushkin

By the 1850s, the British had been in India for centuries. They had come as traders but then stayed on as an occupying force, gradually undermining the local rulers, their laws, customs and culture. And any opposition was met with extreme violence. Against men, women and children.

But when the British demanded that the young Queen of Jhansi hand over control of her kingdom, they were unprepared for what happened next. Instead of surrendering, the Queen and her people fought back and the name of Lakshmibai is still a potent symbol of resistance in colonial-era India.

Queen Lakshmibai was an excellent horsewoman, an expert in military tactics and outstanding at fighting with a sword. She also trained other women to ride and fight and showed great compassion to her enemies even when they seemed not to deserve it.

In this compelling and revealing adventure story, real characters, events and historical fact are woven into a page-turning tale of courage in the face of cruelty and injustice. Expert storytelling means this extraordinary tale will appeal to a wide range of readers and will linger with them long after the last page.

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