Sweeties 1: Cherry/Skye

(2 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Charmz (imprint of Papercutz)

When Cherry’s Dad moves in with his girlfriend, she finds herself part of a whole new family. Although she gets on well with three of her stepsisters, the eldest, Honey, seems determined to make her life difficult. And to complicate matters further, Cherry finds herself falling for Honey’s boyfriend. This is unlikely to end well.

Meanwhile, stepsister Skye has become deeply engrossed in family history and starts having vivid dreams about a boy named Finch. As the lines between real life and fantasy blur, she begins to withdraw from her family. If she solves a family mystery, will it save her sanity or is it already too late?

This comic book adaptation of two stories by Cathy Cassidy will appeal to those who prefer a story told in pictures. Focusing heavily on the challenging dynamics of a blended family and the trauma and excitement of navigating romantic relationships, there will be plenty here for readers to relate to.

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