Sweet Music in Harlem

Publisher: Lee & Low

CJ adores his Uncle Click, a world-class jazz trumpeter with a snappy black beret. Today, a Highnote magazine photographer is coming to take Click's picture, but Click can't find his trademark beret. CJ rushes out to find it.

It's not in Garlic's Barbershop, the Eat and Run Diner or the Midnight Melody Club. What CJ does find are Click's watch, handkerchief and bow tie and a crowd of Harlem's best musicians. When the photographer arrives, there's quite a gathering: his photo becomes a unique Harlem record. And the beret? It turns up in CJ's best ever birthday present….

Inspired by a 1958 photograph of American jazz greats, both text and illustrations in this unusual historical picture book capture the style and verve of Harlem's heyday. 

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