Super Sons: The PolarShield Project

Publisher: DC Comics, Inc (Imprint: DC Zoom)

Climate change has caused the polar ice caps to melt away, causing a catastrophic rise in sea levels. Coastal communities have been devastated and inhabitants are forced to flee inland. Violence and anarchy are all around as people look for someone to blame and, in desperation, turn on one another.

When scientists come up with a scheme to restabilise earth’s weather, Batman and Superman are sent on vital missions to ensure the success of the plan. But a criminal gang seems intent on undermining the rescue project so it is down to Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent, aka the Super Sons, to bring order amongst the chaos.

In the first volume of a rebooted "Super Sons" series, actions (and illustrations) certainly speak louder than words. With recognisable skills and tactics, the sons of Batman and Superman must reconcile their differences to work for the greater good. A welcome addition of some intelligent, gutsy female characters is likely to widen the appeal of this updated comic book epic.

Most likely to appeal to comic book collectors and existing fans of the DC universe.
First in a new series of comic books with an environmental theme starring the sons of Batman and Superman.

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