Super Happy Magic Forest: Slug of Doom

Publisher: Oxford

Zorgoth the evil slug has been imprisoned under a rock for trying to eat the Super Happy Magic Forest, but is accidentally freed by a unicorn looking for frolicking space. Worse, once free, Zorgoth resumes the quest to destroy the Super Happy Magic Forest once and for all by finding and drinking the Potion of Power.

Fortunately, our heroes - a faun, fairy, gnome, Blossom the Unicorn and a gender neutral mushroom called Trevor - are hot on Zorgoth's trail.

A dragon in a lava jacuzzi and an ogre village (where the ogres are scarily fond of mushrooms on toast) are no match for their friendship and bravery. Finally, atop a moody looking mountain, Blossom the Unicorn battles the mighty Zorgoth - or, possibly, accidentally squishes him.

The second book set in the psychedelic, cartoonish Super Happy Magic Forest world is as joyously original as the first, full of giggly details for young readers to discover.

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