Super Happy Magic Forest and the Humongous Fungus

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Publisher: Oxford

It’s the day of the Frolic Festival in the Super Happy Magic Forest and everyone’s waiting for the Rainbow Dragon to appear, just like she does every 100 years, to breathe new life into the Mystical Crystals of Life. But, when she finally flies over the Forest, something seems to be very wrong. Fortunately, five heroes – including Trevor, a small talking mushroom and Blossom the burping unicorn - set out to investigate and venture deep into the Sacred Glade, where they discover a giant, smelly, evil mushroom called Fungellus who is intent on world domination and has infected the Rainbow Dragon with his disgusting fumes.

Back in the Magic Forest, the heroes embark on a plan to collect ingredients for an antidote to Rainbow Dragon’s malaise, in the hope that she will then be able to defeat Fungellus. But how hard is it to find sprite jam, blue candyfloss and unicorn poop at late notice? And will Trevor fall for Fungellus’ smelly charms?

This illustrated early reader novel takes the Super Happy Magic Forest world created by Matty Long in a number of picture books and presents a longer story for slightly older readers. It’s got all the silly humour and fantasy-lite elements of the picture books with a bit more for kids to get their teeth into story-wise: brilliant fun and plenty of laughs.

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