Summertime of the Dead

Publisher: Quercus

Yukio spends his 14th birthday with his friends, twins Hiroshi and Miko. The day ends with an ominous red sky, an omen of something about to go wrong...

When Hiroshi and Miko commit suicide after having been threatened and blackmailed by the Tanaka girls, princesses of Tokyo’s mafia, Yukio is heartbroken and swears revenge. His grandmother tells him it is better to live with honour than to die with shame, so Yukio employs his martial arts talent and his late father's samurai sword to avenge his friends' deaths with deadly skill. But soon, Yukio finds himself becoming consumed by cold-blooded violence and his thirst for revenge.

This violent, unusual and often horrifying tale of corruption, betrayal and murder in modern day Tokyo  is not for the faint hearted. A gripping, uncompromising and unpredictable novel from the winner of the 2010 Booktrust Teenage Prize, it is likely to particularly appeal to teenagers who enjoy Manga.

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