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Publisher: Bloomsbury

Fiona wakes up alone on the wrong side of a wall that seemingly protects the general population. With no idea what happened to her family, and the world around her unrecognisable, she clings to the one thing she can remember: the importance of concealing the strange tattoo on her hand. As she tries to find out what has happened, she soon discovers that beyond the wall is a dangerous place filled with beasts, who are themselves marked with tattoos on their hands. Can Fiona survive in a place where she is considered someone to be feared, hunted and killed? Or can a friend from her past help to save her?

Set in a near future of bio-engineering and deadly pandemics sweeping the globe, this is a brilliantly-written and enthralling dystopian thriller, which stands out from others in this genre. The characters are both realistic and likable, and the twists and turns of the action-packed story make this a genuine page-turner.

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