Stuff You Should Know About The Human Body

Publisher: QED (Quarto)


What do you need to make a body? How do you breathe, get strong, speak and move? What does your liver do, and where does your food go? Each one of 32 questions are answered in a lively double-page spread, entertainingly illustrated with bright cartoon-like imagery that is nonetheless very detailed: cell activity is depicted as a factory, and the fold-out section on "Where does blood go?" is a series of roads, complete with roadblocks and traffic control.

With a focus on blood, brains, germs, muscles and poo, this amusing and seriously intelligent journey through the body has just the right level of information for 7-9s. Presented as an illustrated notebook with fold-out sections that illustrate digestion, circulation and the immune system, it’s a brilliant source of knowledge with plenty of entertainment, too.

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