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Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

Stella Hamilton is the Queen Bee of Temperley - the beautiful, all-powerful, much-envied leader of the boarding school elite. Meanwhile, quiet new girl Caitlin Clarke, fresh from New York City, feels completely out of place at an English boarding school. She soon realises that at Temperley, popularity is what counts - and if she wants to fit in, she'll have to try and win her place in Stella's exclusive circle. But as the election of the school's Head Girl draws closer, could it be that there might be a chance for Caitlin to challenge the status quo and take on Stella in the battle to rule the roost?

Fans of the film Mean Girls will be familiar with the basic premise of this story, although it is set in an English boarding school rather than an all-American high school. But although it may initially seem to be another frothy, Gossip Girl-esque tale of schoolgirl backstabbing, debut author Helen Eve brings plenty of depth and darkness to this tale of love, revenge and loyalty. Told in the alternating voices of Stella and Caitlin, it is a compulsively readable young adult thriller that will keep teen girls turning the pages right up until its exciting and unexpected conclusion.

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