Stefano the Squid: Hero of the Deep

Publisher: Little Tiger

Stefano the common squid finds life in the ocean rather challenging, as he feels dull and ordinary compared to the other amazing sea creatures. Glum that the Deep Sea TV crew never choose to film him, he wishes he stood out from the crowd, but he’s unable to match the dazzling skills of the clever dolphins, who leap gracefully from the waves, or the impressive pufferfish, as they blow up like balloons.

The vibrant parrotfish suggests he tries to be more colourful, while the scary anglerfish proposes he find a deadly weapon to wield, but Stefano knows he cannot change who he is and resigns himself to being overlooked.

Although a kindly sea cucumber reassures him that he is good at being a squid, Stefano feels unloved and insignificant. However, when a diver is in trouble, Stefano faces his fears and races to the rescue, becoming an unexpected hero of the deep.

This charming underwater adventure, which is full of warmth and humour, demonstrates that with courage and self-belief, anyone can achieve great things. Rich, colourful illustrations fill each page, bringing this delightful tale to life for a young audience.

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