Station Zero

Book 3 of the Railhead trilogy

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Enter a world brimming with tech, with bio-buildings and androids, sentient trains and godlike AIs; a world where you can speed across the galaxy in a matter of minutes through the powerful K-gate network built by the mysterious, long-lost Railmaker.

In book three of the stunning Railhead trilogy, war is brewing between the Prell’s Network Empire and the Noon Corporation. The Noons want to explore a myriad of new worlds just discovered, but the Prells want to shut down this new K-gate for good. Meanwhile, Zen Starling sets off to find his friend Nova, who’s disappeared deep into the strange Black Light Zone to find out if the ancient Railmaker really is gone forever – but the Guardians will do everything in their power to stop her…

An epic conclusion to the series, Station Zero follows Zen and Nova – and the trains Damask Rose and Ghost Wolf – as they fight for the people and the things they believe in. Incredible world-building intertwines with themes of xenophobia, power, morality, and the fascinating idea of the data gods. An adventure, a race against time, and a tale of great friendships and great power, where even the trains themselves choose sides.

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