Standing in for Lincoln Green

Publisher: Harper Collins

Lincoln Green is lucky, he doesn't need to do his chores, brush his teeth, or do his homework. He's got somebody standing in for him to do all those things that need doing right away, but which aren't as much fun as the things he really wants to be doing.

So Lincoln Green is playing outside while 'you know who' is practising the trumpet, and it's 'you know who' who's outside painting the fence when Lincoln Green's neighbour is looking for someone to join his treehouse club. When Lincoln Green gets in trouble because 'you know who' has been slacking off Lincoln has to go and do the work himself and finds that actually, there is fun to be had in the most boring tasks, if you've got a friend.

David Mackintosh's third picture book is in keeping with his sharp wit and American style. Colours are modern and fresh and each spread is inventive and appealing. It's a very cool looking book with a cool message too - do the right thing, be a good kid, help your parents and make some friends. Lincoln Green turns out to be pretty cool guy!

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