St Grizzle’s School for Girls, Goats and Random Boys

Publisher: Stripes publishing

Dani Dexter’s mum has taken a last-minute job that will see her gone for three whole months - and that means boarding school for Dani. She’ll be separated from her best friend Arch, just as they’re on the verge of creating the most brilliant online mini-movies yet.

Plus, Dani’s mum has picked a traditional school that looks uptight and stuffy, but the outdated website doesn’t show the wild, chaotic mess it's become. Dani isn’t keen on getting to know her new classmates, but can she find friendship among the mayhem?

Karen McCombie brings her usual wit and warmth to a St Trinian’s-style school setting in this new series with fab illustrations from Becka Moor. There are plenty of laughs and more silliness than you can shake a stick at, but Dani also discovers that friends can be found in the most unlikely of places. A light and fun story for young readers that’s full of surprises.

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