Squishy McFluff, The Invisible Cat: On With The Show!

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Publisher: Faber & Faber

Ava and her best friend Squishy McFluff, the invisible cat, are thrilled to hear that Bing’s Big Top Circus is in town.

Although they are supposed to be helping Mum clear out the garden shed, they keep being distracted by old sticks (which make great stilts), plant pots (could be good for juggling) and the washing line (a high wire substitute). But Mum isn’t at all pleased with them so they make a deal: if Ava and Squishy help with the shed, Mum and Dad will take them to the circus this evening.

But when celebrity clown Hank Honk doesn’t turn up, Ava and Squishy find themselves starring in the show rather than just watching it!

Rhythmic, rhyming text, which is as funny as it is clever, will delight youngsters ready to move from picture books to more complex stories. The small format is ideal for little hands while colourful illustrations on every page add an extra dimension and help with understanding.

Ava and Squishy’s adventures are fun, engaging and a great way to enjoy a shared story and to encourage the first steps towards independent reading.   

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