Squish, Squash, Squeeze

Publisher: Little Tiger

Mouse is moving house; the new place is just perfect. But what's that terrible ROARRR! from upstairs, the sinister SNAPPP! from the bathroom, and the WHOOOSH! from the stairs?

Mouse is not alone: a large bear, an enormous crocodile and a tiger are sharing his tiny house. It's a squeeze but, undaunted, Mouse declares there's room for them all - and it's time for tea.

Suddenly, there's a RUMBLE-THRUMBLE-THUMP! from the basement. Everyone is terrified. Mouse bravely uncovers the very small source of the noise, which is a big surprise!

Any potential terrors, understandably prompted by the idea of carnivorous animals in your house, are humorously diffused by engaging, cheery illustrations. Mouse's irrepressible nature shines through in this story about sharing and making the best of things.

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