Spy for the Queen of Scots

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Publisher: Doubleday Children's Books

Beautiful young aristocrat Ginette, known as Jenny, is the closest friend and confidant of Mary, the young Queen of Scots. Growing up in the French court dominated by the ruthless Catherine de Medici, Jenny is all too familiar with ambition, intrigue and secrets. When she hears a whispered plot against Mary, she sets out to become a spy to keep her dear friend safe, little realising how much danger she will soon find herself encountering.

Following the story of Mary Queen of Scots from her childhood in the French court to her return to Scotland to claim her throne, this is a sophisticated and meticulously-researched novel with clear crossover potential.  There is plenty of excitement in store as, facing betrayal on all sides, Jenny struggles to unravel the various plots against Mary, whilst fighting her own increasingly strong feelings for charismatic nobleman Duncan Alexander, who she is unsure whether she should trust.

Fans of historical fiction will enjoy this carefully-crafted and exciting story, which offers up a thoughtful and intriguing portrait of the young Mary Queen of Scots.

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