Spotlight on Sunny

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Publisher: Catnip Publishing

Sunny is all set for the best summer ever as she heads off to the capital with her two best friends to begin a film-making course after winning a competition. She's excited to explore the big city with Kitty and Hannah but their excursions around the London landmarks lead to self-discoveries she didn't see coming. Meeting new people and working on her film forces her to think about what really matters, but can she finally tell her secret news to her best friends?

This friendship story will appeal to those ready to move on from Jacqueline Wilson dramas. Refreshingly, Sunny's religion is not the focus of the story and Stainton has represented diversity and culture without letting it side-line the story that deals with universal teen themes; worrying about parents, worrying about liking boys and not liking them enough, planning a future and then worrying about having it all planned out. There are lots of young teen readers who will relate to Sunny's voice; she's warm, reasonable and thoughtful - everything you'd look for in a good friend!

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