Sounds of Nature: World of Birds

Publisher: Wide Eyed Press

Do you know what the roadrunner sounds like? The emperor penguin? Or the superb fairy-wren? Find out in this extraordinary sound book. Introducing birds from all around the world, over sixty different bird calls can be heard throughout the book, from the classic Cuckoo to the exotic birds of paradise.

Ten different environments are highlighted, including the ocean, desert, city and prairie, looking at a handful of the birds that live in each one. Each page has an illustrated image of the birds, whose call you can then hear by pressing the musical note button. Pressing the ‘note’ plays a series of bird calls; the sounds play in the same order each time, and the pictured birds are numbered accordingly to help readers identify which call belongs to which bird. A simple paragraph of text about each bird is also included.

Discover which birds sounds like someone laughing, which one sounds like a sheep, and which one sounds like a bit like a frog! The eye-catching pages and simple yet fascinating facts make this a book that readers of all ages will love looking at and playing with.

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