Sorry Mrs Cake

Publisher: Tiny Owl

There’s a lovely party going on and Mrs Cake has made a heaving table full of yummy food for everyone to enjoy, but no-one listens when Mrs Cake, a little boy and his cat try to tell them about it. The dads are getting too competitive playing hook-the-duck, the mums are talking and looking after the little ones, the babies all want an ice cream, and the big kids have run away over the hill.

Fortunately, the little boy and his cat have an idea, and manage to make everyone appreciate all Mrs Cake’s hard work.

A simple picture book with minimal text and a message that we should listen to everyone (not just the loudest voices ), Sorry Mrs Cake! is a real treat for illustration fans. The page showing all Mrs Cake’s baking will have little ones pointing at all their favourite cakes and biscuits, and Milner’s depiction of a thoroughly diverse community is welcome.

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